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Like shining oil, this night is dripping down.
Stars are slipping down, glistening.
And I’m trying not to think what I’m leaving now
and no deceiving now.
It’s time you let me know
Let me know

When the lights go out and we open our eyes
out there in the silence, I’ll be gone.
I’ll be gone
Let the sun fade out and another one rise,
climbing through tomorrow, I’ll be gone
I’ll be gone

The sand between us is getting thinner now,
Into winter now, bittersweet.
And across that horizon, this sun is setting down
and you’re forgetting now, it’s time you let me go
Let me go


And tell them I couldn’t help myself
And tell them I was alone
Oh, tell me I am the only one
and there’s nothing left to stop me


I’ll be gone



Видео Linkin Park — I’ll Be Gone

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